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debate followupSmallTBIPAC's mission is to strengthen Native American voices in politics, support American Indian sovereignty, and further tribal initiatives. Our Native American PAC, funded by voluntary contributions, amplifies our political impact.

The Tunica Biloxi Tribe Political Action Committee is dedicated to Native American news and politics. We strive to help tribes advance their political causes through our Tribal PAC's initiative, contributing to candidates who understand the economic well-being of Louisiana and its citizens. Join us in shaping the future of Native American politics and securing tribal sovereignty.

As you know, decisions made in Washington and Baton Rouge can have a dramatic impact on businesses in areas as diverse as taxes and budget expenditures, economic development and tourism, vendors doing business with Louisiana Tribes, and a host of other issues. The Tunica-Biloxi Indians, with its subsidiary businesses, do a substantial amount of work in all of these areas.

Because of pending legislation, on both the State and National Level, we have established the Tunica-Biloxi Indian PAC. (Federal and State regulations governing contributions necessitate two separate entities). The PAC is funded by voluntary contributions from eligible employees, vendors and their interested parties.


The Goals of the TBIPAC Are To:

  • Strengthen our political voice by combining separate donations into larger contributions.
  • Support many good candidates here in Louisiana and throughout the country, far more than any one individual could support
  • Help meet the responsibility we, as concerned business people, have to take part in the formulation of effective state and national policies through the election process.
  • Assist in electing candidates supportive of the Tunica-Biloxi Indians and its subsidiaries' business interests.

TBIPAC contributions hold a unique purpose. They are not driven by any specific social agenda but are dedicated to a broader mission. Our primary focus is on endorsing candidates who recognize and champion the pivotal role that the Tunica-Biloxi Indians can play in shaping the economic well-being of not only Louisiana but also the industrious citizens who call it home. This aspect is integral to our commitment to transparency and integrity. We firmly believe that individuals, vendors, and their stakeholders should have the liberty to support a cause that resonates with them. By engaging in this collective effort, we harness the power of many to create a more significant impact in the political landscape, ensuring that the interests of the Tunica-Biloxi Indians and their subsidiaries are not overlooked in the decisions that shape the future of our state and its hardworking residents.


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The Tribal PAC's website is devoted to keeping you informed about the latest developments in Native American politics and tribal news. Explore the intersection of Native American government, state relations, and the diverse issues impacting indigenous communities across the United States. Dive into the heart of American Indian issues and keep connected to the pulse of Native American matters. Stay engaged and be part of the conversation that shapes the future of Native American politics and advocacy by joining the PAC or engaging with us on social media.


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TBIPAC Goals & Mission

The Tunica Biloxi Tribe Political Action Committee website discusses native American news & politics. We work to promote tribal interests, support candidates, and advance native American political causes. Together, we work towards a brighter political future for all Native American tribes.

Latest Native News

New Tribal Courts Support Act Aims to Enhance Efficiency and Empower Tribal Justice Systems

June 27, 2024
New Tribal Courts Support Act Aims to Enhance Efficiency and Empower Tribal Justice Systems

The Tribal Courts Support Act, introduced by Representatives Omar, Davids, and Grijalva, seeks to streamline the establishment and funding processes for tribal courts to better support tribal sovereignty and public...

Supreme Court Upholds Reimbursement for Tribal Healthcare Costs in Landmark Decision

June 11, 2024
Supreme Court Upholds Reimbursement for Tribal Healthcare Costs in Landmark Decision

In a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Native American tribes are entitled to reimbursement for healthcare administration costs.

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